What we do

what we do

How we add value

Leveraging our very strong mining technical, financial, and commercial skills, and extensive experience of a broad range of different investment structures, mining projects and countries, we work closely with our clients to arrange and manage equity, quasi-equity, debt and hedging solutions for the mining industry.

We offer a tailored service to our clients which may include identifying and filtering potential investments, undertaking due diligence and investment analysis, transaction structuring, preparing and negotiating investment proposals, managing the preparation of documentation, assisting with transaction execution and managing and monitoring investments.

Given our breadth of experience, Orimco can provide technical, financial and commercial expertise to our clients. We have extensive networks in the global mining, mining services and financial industries which provide useful contacts for our clients.

Our investment philosophy

We help our clients undertake well structured transactions at reasonable valuations.

Mining is a technically sophisticated industry and it is essential to undertake due diligence to establish a fundamental understanding of the technical elements of each project.

The global mining industry is increasingly operating in diverse jurisdictions. Having the ability to assess the political, fiscal, legal and permitting environment is critical.

Given the life cycle of a mining project, a long term investment horizon is often essential.

Consistent with our clients’ objectives, projects from advanced exploration through to producing assets are of interest. In terms of the characteristics of these projects, the full spectrum of commodities, most countries, and most mining and processing techniques are considered.

The full range of investment opportunities are considered, including public and private market situations, and development, buyout, ownership consolidation and financial distress scenarios. Working with our clients, investment structures including equity, quasi equity (such as convertible debt), debt (such as project finance, corporate finance, bridge loans and credit support) and structured hedging are considered.

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