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The three founders of Orimco met in the late 90s when Nick Harch was working with Macquarie Bank and Brett Gossage and Colin Jones were principals of Resource Service Group (“RSG”). Macquarie contracted RSG to help it undertake due diligence in support of a large mining transaction and subsequently the three Orimco founders worked together on many mining transactions involving Macquarie.

Nick Harch

Nick Harch – Managing Director

Nick worked for Macquarie Bank for fifteen years and was promoted to Executive Director in 2007. He worked for thirteen years in the Metals and Energy Capital Division at Macquarie and was responsible for initiating and leading equity, quasi-equity, project finance and structured hedging transactions for a broad range of resource projects, across many countries.

Brett Gossage

Brett Gossage – Director

Brett is a geologist and resource and reserve estimation specialist with over 27 years experience. Brett was principal and Manager Resources with RSG Global and RSG before assuming the role of Chief Resources Geologist and subsequently General Manager Technical Development with Coffey Mining (after it acquired RSG Global).

Colin Jones

Colin Jones – Consultant

Colin is a geologist with 35 years experience. He was formerly principal and Manager Audits with RSG Global and RSG. More recently Colin was Executive Vice President with Dundee Resources Limited, the entity which undertakes Dundee Corporation’s proprietary resource investment activities. At Dundee Resources, Colin was involved in initiating and managing proprietary resource equity investments.

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